On Saturday, May 3, 2014, a 15-year old boy died after being struck by a vehicle in Plainfield, Indiana.

The boy was riding a skateboard around 10:15 pm on Heartland Boulevard near the intersection with Raceway Road. He was wearing dark-colored clothing and was skating on the road, but it does not seem that the event was totally excusable.

The boy’s mother noticed that there were street lights in the vicinity of the tragedy. But they “don’t work, ever.” Security officers and neighborhood crime volunteers have recently reported the issue with the lights, but it is unclear who is responsible for fixing them.

There does not seem to be any alcohol involved and investigations thus far do not indicate the driver was acting negligently.

The boy, hailed by his loved ones as “very carefree” and someone who would “brighten up any room,” is missed by many. Hopefully, the problems with the lighting and others like it are given more prompt attention to avoid repeats of this devastating event. If you or loved one have been in an accident resulting in a death, please contact one of our injury attorneys at Schiller Law Offices.