We see it every day whether it’s a person talking on a cell phone without a hands-free headset while driving, or another who has taken his or her eye off the road to reach into the back seat or even talk to a passenger. All this leads to auto accident. Distracted driving is a normal daily occurrence for most drivers, however this practice is a dangerous one that can lead potentially to increased automobile collisions and various related health and financial problems. According to research cited by the National Safety Council, in 2013, distracted driving has accounted for over 25% of all fatalities occurring on the road. In addition to this average of nearly 1 in 4 roadway fatalities being attributed to distracted driving, this percentage is currently on the rise from 2013 and has moved within 5% of traditional causes of roadway fatalities such as impaired driving and speeding. Of the factors contributing to this increase, the National Safety Council found that cell phone use attributed to most roadway injuries, while also observing that the use of hands- free communication may not alleviate the dangers of distracted driving when compared to handheld cell phone use.

As the holiday season soon approaches bringing with it many crowded stores and streets, it is important to consider such information when driving during this time. One important tip to ensure that you avoid the dangers of distracted driving is to try and plan each trip ahead before leaving both as a precaution against delays due to bad or severe weather conditions and as a measure to prevent last-minute calling or texting to make arrangements while on the road. To prevent auto accidents, always keep your eyes on the road while driving and keep all uses of your cell phone, even hands-free uses, to a minimum as even when you think you are able to properly multi-task while driving the slightest bit of focus taken away from the road can result in disastrous consequences.

These simple tips may keep you from being injured in an auto accident when facing congested roads this holiday season. However, not all accidents are preventable even when precautions are taken to avoid the dangers of distracted drivers. If you or anyone you know has been the victim of a car or trucking accident due to a distracted driver or other driver negligence, please contact our experienced legal team at Schiller Law Offices, 317-578-2100.