On April 25, 2016, around 3:30 in the morning, a 20-year-old driver of a 2004 BMW and his 26-year-old passenger were found in a ditch after leaving the roadway of an I-465 exit ramp near West 56th Street in Indianapolis. Preliminary investigation conducted by the Indiana State Police presumed that the accident occurred as result of the driver being under the influence of alcohol, as the investigating officer detected alcohol on the driver’s breath, while eyewitnesses to the accident estimated that the 2004 BMW was being driven at excessive speeds of over 100 mph before failing to navigate a curve on the exit ramp.  As a result of the collision, the 26-year-old passenger was found trapped in the passenger seat of the BMW and pronounced dead upon the arrival of emergency responders.  However, the 20-year-old was able to escape the crashed vehicle before being transported to the hospital for a blood draw alcohol BAC test and for treatment for non-life threatening injuries.

As summer soon approaches, many social events where alcohol is readily available will take place and the temptation to get behind the wheel after drinking even to travel short distances will likely also present itself. However, even if you “feel fine” to drive, you may still be sufficiently impaired or intoxicated to put your life or others at risk for serious injuries or even death.  We at Schiller Law encourage you during these warmer months to drink responsibly and to not drive under the influence.  If you or loved one are the victim of a drunk driving collision or are otherwise seriously injured, please contact our experienced legal team at 888-578-3100 or at IndyInjured.com to find out more about your potential right to compensation.