We’ve all been in the situation on the road where we are required to wait for extended periods for a green arrow traffic light in order turn left at a busy traffic intersection. This summer, the Indiana Department of Transportation (IDOT) has attempted to alleviate long wait times for left turns, by installing new traffic lights with an additional flashing yellow arrow traffic light which would allow a person turning left at an intersection to be able to turn once traffic in the oncoming lane was clear, instead of having to wait for a green arrow.  Although these traffic signals have been a common occurrence in many states, Indiana has now began installing these signals throughout the state on many highways that intersect other major roads and state highways without restricted access such as U.S 30 in Northern Indiana near Columbia City and Fort Wayne, and U.S. 41 near Evansville. Although, these traffic lights aid in allowing efficient travel, some are concerned as to how motorists will respond to these new traffic signals as the yellow flashing light could be confused as a continuous yellow light which would allow a motorist to proceed cautiously to make a left turn without yielding to oncoming traffic.  These concerns stem from an accident occurring at the intersection of State Road 37 and Southport Road in Indianapolis shortly after the new traffic signals were installed at the intersection, which has led to continued investigation and monitoring of this intersection by INDOT officials.

Motorists must be vigilant in being aware of new methods of proceeding in traffic intersections and the surrounding flow of traffic may respond.  For more information on the implementation of yellow flashing traffic lights in Indiana, please visit the IDOT website at https://www.in.gov/indot/3202.htm and contact Schiller Law if you or a loved one are injured on the road due to the negligence at 888-578-3100 or on the web at indyinjured.com





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