Most individuals understand standard liability in an automobile accident.  One driver is at fault or the other.  Perhaps there is dispute amongst them who is most at fault.   However, many may not realize that in many situations parties not involved in the physical collision can still be held legally answerable.   This is considered vicarious liability; a concept in which a person or agency may be responsible for the negligent action of another.  These relationships are most often seen in the employee-employer relationship, but may also be present between parents and children and drivers of vehicles and the vehicles’ owners.  This means that if you are hurt in a car wreck and the other driver was at fault, an additional party may also be implicated.    This would be so if the other party was the parent of a minor driver, the owner of the vehicle, or the employer of the driver if the driver was acting in the course of their employ.  Such a policy is enforced because these agents are in a position to implement control or influence over those they are responsible for, therefore, they can likewise be held for the others actions.  If you or anyone who know is injured in an accident like the one described above, please contact Schiller Law Offices.