Schiller Law Offices is devoted to protecting the rights of people who have suffered a personal injury. Throughout Indiana, Schiller Law Offices has helped thousands of clients win their claims and obtain just compensation. We have a highly dedicated team of attorneys that specifically oversee personal injury claims. Our injury team consults with each client on an individual basis in order to carefully understand his or her case.

Throughout the legal process, we are particularly careful about attending to the needs of our clients. We explain to them how the process works, what documents are needed and what the plan of action should be. From filing documents to taking down statements from witnesses, we will do it all.

Having handled more than a thousand cases, we are more than confident of resolving your case. We have the expertise and the experience required to help you gain the upper hand and make a strong case.

Our highly talented team of attorneys is able to strategize and use unique tactics to help our clients win their case. It gives us great pride to see our clients get their due share. We love helping our clients get back the quality of life that was taken from them due to the negligence of another person.

Taking the Battle to Insurance Companies

If you have suffered an injury, you should immediately go out and seek legal assistance from a lawyer. Our experienced attorneys will help you build up your case. Compared to the services offered by other law firms, we are able to do and offer much more. At Schiller Law Offices, our job is to help you in any way possible.

We will go above and beyond your expectations. We will talk to witnesses, consult with police officers or go through surveillance tapes. Our professional lawyer will also visit the scene of the accident and carry out a thorough risk assessment.

Most clients do not have a proper understanding of how to deal with insurance companies. For starters, we know that insurance companies try to close cases and settle claims as soon as possible.

Logically, every insurance company wants to settle at the lowest possible price. If you are willing to spend money on a legal settlement, you deserve the very best lawyers. Our attorneys will help you out at every step of the way. We will hear your version of the story, and then create a detailed plan on how to move forward.

Fighting for Your Personal Injury case

Given the fact that we have been in this business for more than a decade, we have dealt with clients from all walks of life. Whether you have taken a stumble on a wet floor or have been accidentally injured on the road, we can help you get compensation for it.

With our unique approach and expertise, your chances of getting the winning verdict will increase very quickly. We assign a separate attorney for every personal injury case. Our skilled attorney will compile all the details of your accident and give you an idea of how much you can expect to gain. Here are some of the injury claims that we can resolve:

Building Trust

Working with an injured party is not easy. Building trust is crucial to winning the case. We don’t want you to think that we are in this for the money. That is why we don’t charge any money for handling personal injury cases until we win it for you.

Once a settlement has been reached, we will just charge a percentage of the recovery. If we fail to reach a settlement, you won’t be charged a dime! Suffering an accident can be a harrowing experience. We can help you make things slightly better.

With our help, you can get adequate financial compensation for the pain you have experienced. We will help you get justice for your troubles. Schiller Law Offices is one of the most reputable law firms in Indiana, and we have helped many people in the past.