A prominent cardiologist once part of the Community Health Network, now faces lawsuits by 293 patients accusing the doctor of performing numerous needless procedures and operations.  The Cardiologist, a colleague with the reputable Cardiology Associates of Northwest Indiana in Munster, now faces allegations of performing unnecessary medical procedures such as repeatedly inserting stents into coronary arteries when arteries that were not sufficiently blocked, or even recommending insertion of pacemakers when the use of a heart monitor would reasonably suffice in monitoring a patient’s condition.  Although attorneys for the cardiologist and Community Health have denied any subpoenas being served by federal investigators, some colleagues of the Muster Cardiologist have been subject to these probes to discover whether alleged overtreatment is the result of fraudulently seeking further Medicaid reimbursement overtreating or a concern facing the fee-for-service system which incentivizes cardiologists and other specialists to perform unnecessary procedures.

Moreover, this is not the first time the cardiologist raised concerns within the medical community as in 2005, the medical director of Community Hospital’s electrophysiology lab questioned whether the cardiologist was qualified to implant defibrillator to treat patients.  However, the questioning physician was ultimately disregarded by the hospital and told to stop reviewing defibrillator implants performed by the cardiologist.  In spite of these concerns brought forward to the hospital, since the lawsuits brought against the cardiologist, Community has stated that the cardiologist was a large revenue generator whose practice was too lucrative to curb, while additionally stating that the cardiology was a leader in his field.  However, such statements come during a time in which it has been shown that defibrillator implants per capita performed in Munster were within the top ten percentile nationally, and in spite of numerous serious injuries that are at the center of the medical malpractice suits ranging from sporadic vomiting to bloated and hairless legs covered with lesions.

Overtreatment in order to fraudulently obtain Medicaid funds for unnecessary medical treatment or procedures is an often overlooked concern as many unsophisticated patients are unable to determine the proper amount of treatment or value before consenting to such procedures.  When deciding to undergo any significant medical procedure, it is important that you perform independent research or consider a second opinion if necessary, to ensure that you are not the victim of overbilling or other fraudulent or medically negligent actions.  If you or a loved one has suffered due to an unnecessary medical procedure, contact Schiller Law at 888-578-3100 or at IndyInjured.com to find out we can help you get the compensation you deserve.



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