This summer has brought with it record-breaking amounts of precipitation as reports from the Indianapolis International Airport have confirmed that the amount of rainfall for the month of July has surpassed the previous record of 13.12 inches for Central Indiana established in 1875.  Although this has not been the summer with the most severe weather, the heavy rainfalls have caused concerns for flooding and flashflood warnings.  As a result of the flooding, many structures and roadways have become under water and unsafe for use and earlier this month a community of approximately 20 homes on Biltmore Avenue on the west side of Indianapolis were affected by flooding as many experienced rushing water flooding their house within only minutes.  Due to roads being unnavigable by automobiles, water rescue crews with the Indianapolis and Decatur Township Fire Departments used boats to evacuate area residents with a warning not to return to their homes until the water had receded.  Fortunately, no one was injured as a result of the flooding in the Biltmore Avenue neighborhood.

As demonstrated above, heavy rains and flooding often lead to slippery or submerged roadways which makes traveling difficult.  Motorists should avoid flooded roads to prevent injuries or permanent damage to their vehicles and proceed cautiously if forced to drive through a flooded roadway or area.  If you or a loved one is injured as a result of driver negligence during inclement weather conditions, please contact Schiller Law at 888-578-3100 or on the web at