When seeking compensation for injuries sustained as a result of the negligence of another, it is important that you are properly prepared when meeting initially with an attorney.  A personal injury attorney is your best resource for determining whether or not you have a case and so it is important to provide sufficient information during an initial meeting to aid in this determination.  During an initial meeting with a personal injury attorney you will be asked to tell how you incurred your injuries, answer questions, and to provide documents to assist the attorney. In order to best aid an attorney in meeting your legal needs, you should bring the following documents to the initial meeting:

  • Copies of police reports or accident reports with details of your injuries
  • Copies of hospital, doctor, or therapy billing and records
  • Information about your insurance coverage
  • Information about insurance coverage of other persons involved
  • Diagnosis and prognosis reports from your doctor
  • Information about anticipated future medical bills
  • Records of missed work due to injury
  • A description of how your life has been affected by the injury
  • A calendar of all the important dates relating to the injury
  • A description your interactions with insurance companies
  • Copies of your correspondences with insurance companies
  • Copies of any claims you’ve already filed with employer and insurance company


In addition to providing the above documents, it is further imperative that you give honest and accurate accounts of the information you have regarding the incident.  While an attorney may be the best resource in helping you receive proper compensation, only you can provide the necessary information in order to best serve you.  If you or someone you know seeks compensation for injuries incurred as a result of negligence of another, please contact our experienced legal team at 317.578.2100.