If the working conditions in your office are not up to the mark, you may be susceptible to injury. According to the official statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2012, approximately 117 workers get injured in the U.S. for every 100,000 workers. It is the job of the employer to take care of the workers.

Regardless of the work that needs to be done, the employer is responsible for making sure that all safety measures are taken to prevent any sort of injury to the workers. Working in strenuous conditions is not easy. Apart from the work pressure itself, employees also have to make sure that they steer clear of any potential hazards.

Funnily enough, many of the workers who are injured on the job fail to get adequate compensation for their injuries. According to the law in Indiana, all employees deserve to be compensated financially for any injuries that occurred due to the negligence of the employer.

However, most employees are unable to afford the legal fees charged by most law firms in the country. As a result, most employees are unable to get their due compensation. Whether you work in a fully furnished office or a coal mine, there are work hazards in every workplace. There’s only a difference in severity.

Worker’s Compensation

Worker compensation is complicated. It can often take a long time to obtain a just settlement. The court grants extensive deadlines for both parties to make their claim. You may have to go through a number of independent medical evaluations. You may also have to go for an extensive review in order to ascertain the facts surrounding the injury you sustained on the job.

The review is mainly carried out to determine whether the injury was caused by a third party or whether it was due to the negligence of the employer. To build up the strongest possible case, Schiller Law Offices has a separate division that deals exclusively with employee injury.

While your employer will expect you to devote your time and effort, you are not bound to compromise on your health just to please your employer. Nobody is required to ask you to compromise your health or safety just to make a living.

If you have been involved in an accident on your job, don’t let the emotional and physical pressure get to you. Instead, seek the help of the law. At Schiller Law Offices Offices, we will help you get the best possible settlement for the pain you have felt. Over the years that we have been in practice, we have helped thousands of clients in Indiana.

Medical Treatment and Your Rights

Whenever a person sustains an injury on the job, their employer is required by the State to pay for the employee’s medical treatment, to pay for any lost wages and to compensate the employee for any permanent physical disability they may have sustained. With years of experience under our belt, we are confident in getting you the financial compensation that you deserve. We have dealt cases of all types, ranging from amputations, spinal or back injuries, open or closed hand injuries or foot injuries.

A Reliable, Trusted Attorneys who you can call to in state of Indiana

We understand that such cases are very personal in nature. Whether you have any grievances against your employer or whether you have worked in strenuous conditions for an extended period of time, you can share it with us. We will assign an individual lawyer to your case. The lawyer will carefully get all the details of your case before proceeding further.

Each and every attorney working at Schiller Law Offices has years of experience. We can help you wherever you are in  Indiana.  The attorney will devise a unique strategy to handle your case and improve your chances of winning. We want to make sure that our clients fully trust us before we handle their cases. That is why we don’t charge a nickel for our services unless we can come to a settlement. We also offer a free consultation for prospective clients, so all you have to do is pick up the phone and dial our toll-free number at 888-578-3100!

We will first discuss the details of our case and determine whether you have a chance for compensation. If you do, we will be more than happy to fight for you!